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3D visualization

KFL Web Design creates beautifully detailed and appealing 3D CGI-rendered images, animations, and Virtual Reality tours for businesses and individuals, including real estate developers, architects, builders, realtors, homeowners, branding agencies, interior and product designers, and artists.

Photography is a very time-consuming and costly way to show your project to the world. 3D renderings are photorealistic and can quickly be fitted to any setting, season, or situation, making it easier and more convenient to change marketing strategies and directions. Your clients can view the product and you can begin promoting while the product is still in development!

What we do

  • 3D Architecture rendering

    3D Architecture rendering

    We create photorealistic 3D architecture renderings from drawings, which provide a detailed look of your project from all angles. You’ll be able to promote projects before actual construction begins and use the rendering to envision exterior changes without spending a fortune on the real facade. We include surrounding objects and a landscape to give you a better view of how the project will look once completed in its environment. We can even show how it will look in different lighting and weather conditions: view the property during the day or night, in rainy or sunny weather.

    3D exterior renderings set you apart from the competition, raise your company’s profile, and will significantly increase sales.

  • 3D interior rendering

    3D interior rendering

    Perhaps you’ve designed an entire interior and had everything installed and put into place…only to realize that it’s all wrong and you’ll have to start from scratch. What a nightmare! This is where our 3D interior rendering can make a huge difference. We provide a rendering of your project that is so detailed, it looks like a photograph. You’ll be able to view everything and easily and quickly change layouts, designs, furniture, and more without breaking a sweat or leaving your seat.

  • 3D product visualization

    3D product visualization

    Before your product is even on the assembly line, get a clear view of your item with our 3D product visualization. We’ll provide a detailed image from all angles to help you better assess and change anything, such as design or materials, allowing you to be confident that your finished physical product will be perfect.

    With this advanced rendering, you’ll be able to promote the product earlier, allowing anticipation and excitement to build up before your product is even released.

  • 3D animation

    3D animation

    Not everything can be properly conveyed with just a 3D rendering, no matter how wonderful it is. Sometimes, movement is needed for a full picture. Our realistic 3D animation can give your product life and provide your clients with an interesting and clear understanding of how your product works and how truly amazing it is.

  • Interactive VR tour

    Interactive VR tour

    A virtual reality (VR) tour can take your property listing to the next level. With this technology, clients and buyers can walk through the property, giving them the opportunity to become familiar with the space and have a better idea of how it’ll feel to be on the property.

    Many times it can be difficult to fully grasp the space based on measurements alone. Having the ability to virtually tour the property can give a better understanding of the area. With virtual reality, the client is able to provide better-informed feedback and can easily decide the interior design or layout of their choice.

    The VR tour is convenient. It can be seen on your website, in a smartphone app, through a VR headset in your office, or during a demonstration at a trade show. Virtual reality is the new way to communicate with clients. Everyone will appreciate the accessibility of the tour. Your company’s prestige and your customer’s confidence in you will increase.


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