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Develop a website that will present a gym, MMA and Crossfit classes, gym instructors. It should provide the ability to choose and order a monthly membership or sign up for an individual training session.


Design conveys dynamics and power of the sport. “Evolve” members are the people who don’t want to stand idle and strive to better themself daily, evolve.

The site should reflect the dynamics of sports and motivate visitors to visit the gym.

Animation is used to convey the dynamics of sports.


All pages are designed in the same style.

Home page

The page contains basic information about the main types of classes and instructors. Animation is used to convey the dynamics and the main banner allows you to display images and videos.


Displays the schedules of individual and group classes. On the page is the ability to sign up for classes.

To recapture the atmosphere of the club and the presentation of coaches, you need photos and videos. We prepared a detailed task for photographers and supported them during the photo shoot. As a result, we received photos and video content that, after our processing, harmoniously fit into the design of the site.

For visitors, comfort in the hall is important, we have presented on the website photos of the main areas for training and recreation.

Our club


Presents prices and conditions for individual and group classes. The visitor can order a club card or an individual lesson.

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Black, as the color that represents the highest ranks in martial arts. White represents peace and harmony. This beautiful contrast is diluted with dynamic red.


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