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Sahola - Floral Art & Event design

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About the project

The customer is a flower designer from New York.

Create a landing page for the company with a suitable design, which is selling devices that measure blood sugar level. The goal is to enter the market with a presentation of a product. The landing page should become the main source of sales.

Markup tablet

Design concept

The website design was developed on the base of color theory and the atmosphere that is present on every page was developed with correspondence to colorists rules. Black color combined with gold became an exquisite outline for customers authentic products that were pictured by the photographer.

Markup tablet


  • Aa





  • Aa

    PT Sans




Sahola rose


  • Color value is #ffffff

    Circle with background #ffffff
  • Color value is #d9bd7a

    Circle with background #d9bd7a
  • Color value is #605d5e

    Circle with background #605d5e


We used Woocommerce. The store has the main functions of product selection, ordering and payment online. A simple store management system allows you to manage goods, orders and delivery.

Sahola Lux Collection page Page leafs decor
Sahola Sherbert page


The website is completely responsive. It works great on all devices.

  • Mobile picture


  • Tablet picture


  • Notebook picture


The website is a completely responsive, it works great on all devices.

  • Sahola main page on mobile
  • Sahola main page on mobile
  • Sahola sjp page on mobile Sahola sjp page on mobile

Inner pages

Colors used to attract attention, set the mood, and direct visitors to certain actions on the website. Everything that has to deal with color, starting from the company’s logo and end with background and buttons, has a huge impact on user experience, brand trust, and helped create a right image of a company.

Sahola Floral Art page Sahola Weddings page Sahola Blog page Sahola decor flowers top Sahola decor flowers bottom

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