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How to increase online flower shop sales by 55.5%

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How to increase online flower shop sales by 55.5%

June 24, 2019


10 min read


Case study about the increase in sales for 1 month with constant traffic. Find out what factors affect online sales. The use of these techniques will allow you to significantly increase sales.


Florist New York

Products & services

  • Flower arrangements with the possibility of ordering online
  • Wedding flower decoration


Increase by 15% online sales with existing traffic, building a customer base for email marketing.


To implement the tasks we have developed a strategy.

Strategy development begins with an analysis. During the analysis we found out:

  • There is no single customer base. Information about online orders was stored in the database of the website, information about offline orders was stored separately
  • No new subscriber has appeared in the last 8 months
  • No work was done with abandoned baskets
  • Clients to clarify additional information had to call, which led to a decrease in orders

Based on the analysis, we identified the main objectives of automation:

  • Lead generation
  • Conversion rate increase
  • Online support for site visitors

To achieve the goals, we created a roadmap, which described in detail each script.

To implement the automation strategy, a marketing automation service was needed in which there are live chats, email solutions, pop-up forms, CRM, email marketing tools. It was also necessary that all key metrics were collected in one place, it was possible to segment the target audience.

We studied various services and decided to automate marketing with Dashly.


The result was impressive for the 1st month. The growth of online orders grew by 55.5%.

You want to find out how it happened, here is everything in order.

Online support for site visitors

We used Live Chat.

Visitors addressed the chat in order to express special wishes to the product, asked to add related products, ordered special delivery terms. Many calls were from abroad from those who wanted to order a bouquet for delivery to New York, which was uncomfortable.

Result: 1.2% of visitors contacted by live chat, which brought 7% of sales.

Lead generation

The task is to get as many email visitors as possible.

For this, we used welcome pop up at a discount for the first purchase. In Dashy there is an opportunity to stylize a pop up in accordance with the design of your site. This is very important, moreover, we derive relevant pictures.

For buyers of flower arrangements, the pop up looked like this

Welcome popup with discount


For those who were interested in wedding decoration services, the pop up looked like this

Welcome popup wedding services

Message chain

Message chain welcome popup

Result: 7.3% of visitors left their email, of which 27% made a purchase at a discount in the first month.

Conversion rate increase

We understood that increasing the conversion rate is the most important challenge. A successful solution will be the most important contribution to the overall success.

We carried out brainstorming sessions, studied case studies and training materials, special thanks to the guys from Dashly for preparing a lot of training videos.

And finally, we have developed 4 scenarios, looking ahead to say that the result exceeded even the wildest expectations.

Viewed products

Some customers looking at the product do not add it to the cart, there may be various reasons for this. The client was distracted, circumstances changed, etc. It does not matter if the client can be returned, for this, we used the scripts:

Scenario 1. Viewed products for registered users

Scenario viewed product unregistered user

Scenario 2. Viewed products for unregistered users

Popup viewed products unregistered

The result of these 2 scenarios: 15% of visitors returned and made a purchase.

Abandoned cart

This is a known problem. Adding its product to the cart does not necessarily end with the purchase of the percentage of abandoned carts ranges anywhere from 50% to 80%. To return buyers, we used scripts:

Scenario 3.  Abandoned shopping cart for registered users

Scenario Abandoned basket registered


Email with goods added to the cart and promotional code with a discount

Email Abandoned cart


Result: 42% of visitors returned and made a purchase. Of these, 18% returned after viewing the pop up, 13% after the 1st email, 69% after the email with the promotional code

If an unregistered visitor who added the product to the cart left the site without making a purchase, the pop up with the goods in the cart and the promo code with a discount of 15% opened, and this stimulated the visitor to make a purchase.

Pop up before you go unregistered

The script looked like this

Scenario Abandoned shopping cart for unregistered users

Result: 36% of visitors who watched pop up made a purchase

The result of automation

Turned out to be impressive 55.5% growth was made on online orders with constant traffic

7.3.% of Website visitors left their email

7% of buyers turned to live chat

15% of the visitors who viewed the product returned and made a purchase

42% of registered users who left the basket returned and made a purchase

36% of unregistered users who left the basket returned and made a purchase

The traffic to the website was the same as before. The budget for the advertising campaign has not increased. The cost of attracting 1 buyer has decreased and ROI has increased.

One nice bonus. Installation, configuration, and A/B testing take us about a month, you can do it yourself or the Dashly team will help you. Further, the system does everything automatically and at the price of 5 cups of coffee per month.



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