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How to use color palettes in webdesign?

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Author Lana A

How to use color palettes in webdesign?

September 18, 2019


5 min read


Color palettes can create an idea or destroy it

The right color palette often becomes the basis of good design, so why not to experiment with different techniques and breathe new life into your work?  Let’s start choosing the perfect colors for creating your website!

How to find good color combination for a design project?

Get inspired with the world around you

Take photos of everything that surrounds you and attracts your attention, and then just use them as templates when working in Photoshop or Illustrator. Nature, animals and things can also be your sources of inspiration.
This is your photo to become the basis for creating a palette.

Use color wheel
This tool helps in almost all cases. You are free to experiment with color schemes and create your own unique combinations by selecting adjacent colors in the wheel. The result is guaranteed anyway.

Trust the Pantone color guide

Pantone Designs are an indispensable tool for designers preparing their projects for printing. If you know exactly how a particular color looks on paper, you can save a lot of time and money when it comes to sending your design to a printshop.

Get inspired by Pinterest for finding thematic palettes

On Pinterest creative people share lots of their works. Popping up pictures help you come up with the idea of design. For example, type “autumn” in a search field and all the colors appear in front of your eyes. Now you just need to choose a pallet which brings you right associations and emotional response.

Good luck with your creative search and new projects!



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