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Web designers, who you really are?

Web design

Author Lana A

Web designers, who you really are?

May 6, 2019


5 min read


It is a great profession to create websites. A web designer may be an artist who has mastered technical skills or a programmer with an aesthetic taste.

Let’s take a look at the whole path that a web designer is going through.

Here is the new web site I’ve got to work on – very interesting project, a great customer with no content for the site but very agreeable and open to all my ideas and suggestions, so let’s create…

First, my question is, what’s the purpose of the website? The usual answer is pretty much the same – it should help to increase your income. Great, now could you explain how your product is better than competitors? Not a lot of customers have a ready answer.

Here comes the first stage of the project, when great ideas with colorful pictures pushed aside and I’m joining the market analyst’s team to help with detailed competitor’s report. Hours of work and analysis complete. Seems like I can start to create your new website, but how to make it noticeable, recognizable and outstanding amongst others?

So, the second stage begins and now I am a part of strategist team working on your branding. The work is important, exciting, and I become a creative unit that thinks in terms of aesthetic and psychology of colors and forms. I am exhausted but happy with the result and ready to put your website together. Stop, where is the content??? There no website without pictures, graphics, and articles.

Well, here is the third stage, to collect all items from the customer. It is the most time consuming period when I have to wait for information, receiving messages like:

  • I’ll send everything later
  • Draw something beautiful
  • Why that picture was used?

The lack of content is the reason why deadlines are not met in most cases. But you are the perfect customer, and the only thing I need to do is send you a specification with explanation of all items necessary for your dream website realization. Now I am graphic artist and photographer.
That’s it. On the fourth stage I am working on the website development. A lot of work has been done by all of our team members to create a correct prototype of future website, taking in consideration all technical aspects. As far as website is a complex marketing tool – everything must be thought out.

Some of important tasks:

  • How to deliver information to potential customers
  • How to engage them into dialogue with you
  • How their questions will be answered
  • How to help your website users to make a right choice
  • How to place an order, etc.
  • At this stage I am specialist in UI, UX and CX

Only at the fifth stage I can work as web designer, bringing to life an idea that has been forming in my mind through all previous stages. I am drawing, picking the right fonts, harmonizing colors, architecting the website’s blocks… And your perfect web site is finally done and we all happy to see how you’re pleased with the result, and we’re ready for new projects. It means I will be working again as:

  • Marketing specialist
  • Analyst
  • Graphic designer and photographer
  • UI, UX and CX specialist
  • Web designer

Isn’t it a lot for just one person? My answer is no, when you really love what you do, when you are part of a creative and talented team, which is living and glowing by their job, growing professionally with every project.



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