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Why does a company need a YouTube channel

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Why does a company need a YouTube channel

May 17, 2019


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YouTube is too huge and popular to ignore. If you do not have a channel on YouTube, it’s time to start it. If there is a channel, but you do not use it for the purpose of promotion, it’s time to start.

Define your goals

Three achievable goals that are expedient from a commercial point of view:

Reputation management

Reputation management YouTube is an excellent reputation management platform.

Video, hosted on this video hosting are ranked well in Google, especially when it comes to low-competitive information requests, multimedia as well as navigation, which include the name of your the company.

In addition, the YouTube video in search results falls into special block (witcher), selected visually. It means that you can more easily draw attention to your content in the search results.

Video in the search results

Based on this, consider posting to YouTube videos that:

  • offer an overview of your product / service;
  • show satisfied customers;
  • visualize customer reviews;
  • offer to take a peek behind the scenes (show the people behind brand, publish videos from events or conferences, etc.).

Increase conversion

Videos increase conversion for an understandable reason: customers without much effort can find out why they need your product. Behind past time many studies have been conducted that confirmed this view:

  • the likelihood of customers adding products to the cart increases by 144% after watching the video;
  • approximately one in three millennials claims he buys product as a result of viewing the video that show how to use the product.
  • almost all participants (96%) found the videos “useful when online purchase decision making;
  • visitors who viewed the video are converted with a larger probability than those who have not watched it.

With this in mind, YouTube is a great platform for posting reviews your product: it is free, has the advantage of good ranking in google increases audience reach and views by featured recommended videos.

Expansion of attraction channels

Your video may be offered immediately after viewing the review video. Your competitor’s product. It may also appear in the block of recommended clips. The very presence here already enhances your chances to be found.

When embarking on the development of the YouTube channel, you should prepare for long and regular work. In the first stages – weeks, and then and for months, perhaps you will see very little activity or even lack thereof. Don’t let that upset you. YouTube is huge platform with a ton of possibilities and if you constantly work hard, you will achieve a steady growth in the number of views and level of engagement.



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